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These all black glossy lightning bolt earrings are definitely singing \u201cBack to Black\u201d by Amy Whinehouse to me...or, maybe...\u201dFade to Black\u201d by Metallica, \u201cPaint it Black\u201d by the Stones...maybe, just \u201cBlack\u201d by Pearl Jam...or \u201cBlack Dog\u201d by Led Zeppelin...?Whatever the tune they are rocking, they are pure rock-n-roll.These mis-matched pair of bolts come with a unique, one-of-a-kind shiny black powder coat finish that is hand applied and watched like a hawk while it "cures". Each bolt is hand sawn from 18G copper sheet. They hang on hand-formed 20g Sterling silver ear wires.These \u201cBiggies\u201d are 2 \u00be\u201d long.This item ships FREE!!(Domestic Orders Only), ziggy stardust

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